How Casinos Have Been Affected During Lockdown

The global pandemic due to Covid-19 has affected virtually every industry on the globe due to the lockdown restrictions that have been put in place by individual governments. One industry that has been severely hit by the lockdown is the casino and gambling industry. In the UK, it was one of the last businesses’ to be allowed to re-open in the UK due to the difficulty of social distance and for example with chips, everyone is touching different chips all the time so the likelihood of spreading the virus is highly in casinos due to this.

Casino revenue will certainly have lost a lot of revenue as a direct result of Coronavirus with the closure of the on-land casinos. Land-based operators have had to close their doors to limit the spread of the virus putting many operators at risk of not staying afloat. In fact, the hospitality and gambling sector has not been immune to the virus.

Due to the closure of the physical casinos that many enjoyed visiting on a Friday and Saturday night, there has seen a rise in the number of online casino players because of this. Although this isn’t a positive for the industry as the industry is still suffering, it has kept them in a touch of staying above board whilst the virus starts to blow over. The Red Rose Casino reviews clearly show the type of casinos that they are offering, due to the raving reviews mainly about their huge deposit matches and unmatched sign-up offers they are offering to all new customers. These are the types of casinos that have benefitted from the lockdown; as the reviews explain.

Other areas from the casino industry that we have seen potentially struggle is the travel appeal to locations such as Las Vegas which are extremely heavily reliant on the casino industry. Obviously as stated above, all casinos have been closed in the US due to it being a high-risk location for the spread of Coronavirus. Las Vegas has virtually had a dead drop-in visitors to the city and casino numbers, and one we think might take a bit of time to recover.

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