Sports Betting: Is It Safe in Latvia?

Sports Betting as a Way of Life

The world of gambling fascinates people, and sports betting has long become part of their lives. Once someone understands what the chances for a certain event to happen are, potential winnings are easy to calculate. Almost every soccer fan places bets occasionally on the results of various matches. Billions of dollars and euros are wagered on sports events all around the world. And thanks to lockdowns, the global sports betting industry is booming.

Is Sports Betting Fair?

In the past, there were sports betting scandals where referees manipulated games on the behalf of the gambling mafia. In the news, there were messages about shady circles within the sports industry where people gamble, lose, and win big sums of money and where dubious deals and violent guys turn up. But seriously, is there anyone from your own social circle who has ever found themselves in such dangerous situations? They do happen, but ordinary people have little chances to get into this kind of trouble.

Cheating? Not On My Watch!

Now it is not worth cheating in sports anymore because regulations on fraud prevention are getting only stricter. For example, in Germany, since a scandal in 2005, a much tougher stance was taken against fraudsters by automatic checking betting data for inconsistencies.

Sports Betting in Latvia: Regulations

There were fraud scandals in Latvia as well. Fortunately, Latvian authorities do not see gambling as an addiction, and they are willing to provide new regulations that may affect an existing situation in the world of gambling. The regulations are aimed at fighting the share of the illegal market. Some bookmakers are afraid that these changes may scare away bettors, but they can affect land-based services only. Even if they get closed, this will increase the percentage of new online services. Many gambling operators do not possess local licenses as it is required by Latvian gambling law and still operate in Latvia. Fortunately, there is a discussion going on, and the chances are high that the end version of new gambling business regulations will not be that harsh as predicted. Latvian authorities try to stay open-eared to both gambling providers and the customers of those companies.

Wins and Taxation

Gambling in Latvia is allowed and legal since 2003. Since January 2018, players have to pay personal income tax in Latvia if they win over 3,000 euros. If a player wins more than that, he or she has to pay 23% of the sum. Should a player win over €55,000, it may be taxed at the 31.4% rate. So, it makes sense to keep a low profile.

Ways to Pirate a Little

It is a nice thing to remember that bets placed on the platforms of international bookmakers non-licensed in Latvia are not subject to any taxation at all.

Players often have their own strategies on betting; some may even use special software to analyze game statistics and calculate the odds of winning the game. Find your strategy and try your luck at sports betting.