Top 5 CS:GO weapons used by eSportsman

CS:GO is a game with a vast choice of weapons. Many of them are great in particular situations, but some of them are excellent, well-rounded choices.  And who can know better what are those flexible guns than pro players? SO we have made an analysis of the weapon usage by pros and formed a list of the most popular ones. We will uncover why pros choose them, their benefits, and how you should use them in the game.

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Top 5 – Deagle

Starting our top with one of the CS:GO icons, the king of the one taps – Desert Eagle. It’s not rare to see a video where your favorite eSportsman shows off his skills with Deagle in his hands.

  • Deagle can be purchased by any team for the cost of 700 dollars and rewards you with 300 dollars for the kill;
  • There is seven ammo in the magazine, and it one-shots enemies in the head. If you would fire a body shot, an enemy will receive a little more than 60 damage.

One of the main features of Deagle is high armor penetration. Thus, it doesn’t really matter if your enemy bought an armor or not. The damage will be similar anyway. This makes this pistol effective at any stage of the game if you can wield it right.

Top 4 – M4A1-S

And top 4 is taken by the signature counter-terrorist weapon – M4A1-S. That is an assault rifle with a silencer, making it harder to spot when you shoot.

  • M4A1-S is an expensive weapon with a cost of 2900 dollars. The reward for the kill is 300 dollars;
  • The average damage of this rifle is 38. It takes one bullet to kill your enemy in the head if he has no helmet or two bullets if he has it. Therefore, you will need to make four shots in the enemy’s body for elimination.

M4A1-S shows the highest efficiency at the close-middle ranges, as you can easily control a spray. If you move further, it is recommended to fire single shots for better accuracy.

Top 3 – AWP

A very hard to master, but very fun when you do – an AWP. Each CS:GO pro team has a sniper position, and he must be a great AWP user. That is why AWP is seen in every single CS:GO pro match.

  • The cost of AWP is 4750 dollars, and You can buy it at any team. It has a very low kill reward of 100 dollars in contrast with its cost;
  • AWP one-shots an enemy in any body part, except legs.

AWP is a highly effective weapon on the long range, with excellent precision. However, it is recommended to go for the body shots when using this gun, as it kills with one shot anyway.

Top 2 – M4A4

M4A4 is the dark twin of the previously mentioned M4A1-S. The main difference is that the M4A4 has a bigger magazine of 30 bullets, the absence of a silencer, and a faster shooting rate.

  • It costs 3100 dollars while it is a counter-terrorist signature weapon. Each elimination with this rifle rewards you with 300 dollars;
  • This rifle has the same damage per shot as its younger brother. Thus, four body shots to kill, one shot in the head if no helmet, and two shots if the helmet is on.

To maximize the efficiency of M4A4, you need to take advantage of its high shooting rate. Thus, you can win duels with players handling slower shooting rifles.

Top 1 AK – 47

Top 1 is given to the classic of the Counter-Strike, gun that instantly draws associations with CS:GO – AK – 47. It is a great choice that works great on each distance and gives plenty of utility.

  • It has a cost of 2700 dollars and can be purchased exclusively by terrorists. A kill with it grants you 300 dollars.
  • AK one-shots enemies in the head, and it takes from 3 to 4 shots to kill in the body, depending on the enemy’s armor.

If you want to get yourself a cool AK – 47 it is worth checking out this article about the rarest ones; you`ll probably find there something you like.